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The recent condition news flash From 1998

 H company and Kishi developed disposable hot Cairo of soft Ultra slim type Cairo is disposable heating goods for carrying in Japan. Current hot Cairo becomes hard like an iron plate after use, but this product is excellent because it is soft and is not unbalanced in the contents after use

 Kishi delivers new mode of puff production machine of S company.  This product uses all cotton and is R cut type. Ability is 600 piece/min

Kishi exports automatic wet tissue production line for a baby to Australia and the Korea.

Kishi  develops new mode of waterproof cloth production machine.

Kishi develops automatic production machine of core-less cartridge filter for a solvent

Kishi delivers the gravure printing machine and cutter line . This system prints six colors for paper or film. With a mark of cut position, it does wide cutting

Kishi produces paper filter high speed punching line production machine. This filter is circular filter paper used for a chemical experiment. The line is constituted  by camera check, die cutter, totaled division into several, joined paper injection ,encasing ,and  banding

Kishi works on filter improvement product of a vacuum cleaner for the business newly

Ultra slim type sanitary napkin development. A regular machine of polymer sheet laminating type for China







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